What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology investigates and addresses original cause of pain and stress, using various corrective techniques; identifying and clearing stress patterning that connects into our physical, biochemical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Emma facilitates connecting you with the information you need to empower you to find balance and wellbeing.

Certificate IV Kinesiology

Australian College of
Complementary Medicine 2012

Diploma of Kinesiology

The Health Arts College 2013

Brain Integration Training

Krebs/Mooney LEAP program
training 2013-2019

Australian Institute of Kinesiology

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Wushu Taichi and Qigong Practice

Chi Masters Academy Brunswick

What Can Kinesiology Help With?


Anxiety/Panic disorders, Sympathetic Dominance (fight- flight activation)

Emotional Regulation

Addictions, Grief counsel, Relationships (marriage, sibling, parent/child)

Behavioural Issues

ASD/ADHD (child and adult), Separation anxiety, Bed wetting

Reproductive Health

Hormonal regulation, Pregnancy/Postpartum, Sexual health

Physicality and Energy Levels

Physical Ailments, Energy levels, Weight Management

Self Definition

Self definition and Identity, Career pursuit, Life Meaning/Purpose

What Techniques Are Used?


There are 7 major chakras running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and many minor chakras located around the body.

They are spinning energy structures attached to the body that help us integrate our life experiences.


Acupressure is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory (TCM). It uses gentle touch and energetic activation on key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing abilities.

These points run along lines called Meridians, which are a subtle-energy system of channels that run up and down the body, exist in pairs, and are associated with different organs and body functions. Acupoints act as the interface between the physical and energetic bodies, reflecting blockages where there may be pain, stress or imbalance. Applying various therapeutic techniques to these channels restores balance and well being.

Many more techniques are available, depending on your personal needs. These are just a few examples of some common options used to support your wellness.


Brain Integration Kinesiology balances identify and adjust blockages in pathways of the brain that impact your ability to function at highest potential. This ‘flow state’ comes and goes depending on two main things: the stress in your life, and the stress associated with the task you are performing (both at present and in your past).

Through this work the stresses causing loss of brain integration can be defused and brain synchronicity restored.


Emma works with children (and adults) of all ages, frequently addressing challenges around separation anxiety, oppositional and attention disorders,
bed wetting, sleep problems. Children respond very quickly to kinesiology, which is very gentle and unobtrusive.

What Our Clients Say

“Tired, broken, unhappy and lost is the condition I was in when I initially sought help and met with Emma. I wasn’t sure what I needed or what I would learn, I just knew that I couldn’t keep going in the same direction and cope with the fear, fatigue and anxiety I experienced every day. It didn’t happen over night, or in one session, but over time Emma helped me explore and deal with difficult things that were holding me down and holding me back. Emma has helped me regain my identity, motivation and purpose and for the I will be forever grateful.”
---- ANN

“I saw Emma to regain focus with study. She identified the date of a traumatic event which was the date that I lost focus… After the session I was no longer restless. I could sit at my desk and absorb the study material. I passed my 8-hour written examination and the rest is history.”

“My 13 year old daughter has high functioning autism. She has never been able to read an analogue clock. After two sessions with Emma, including some take home exercises, my daughter can now read the time without running to find a digital clock in the house. It’s as if a miracle has been performed. By releasing blockages Emma has helped boost her confidence in this daily task. My daughter can’t wait for her next appointment.”
---- Lisa

“I needed help to cope with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. And also to help clear my worries, fears, and self-doubts so I could uncover my confident, productive, clear-headed, happy self. Emma’s calm, assured, and non-judgmental approach immediately had me feeling relaxed, validated, and understood. Emma gave me invaluable insights into myself, and the unconscious ways I was acting and thinking that were sabotaging my potential. I had never experienced kinesiology before and found the methods Emma used extremely comforting and insightful”

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